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Here you can find updates and news flashes about my work, projectes I participate in or just thingies you might like!

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Taller Bàlam

Miradas Cruzadas: together with a group of artists from around the globe we will work on small artworks that reply the artwork of another artist. I will make a work dedicated to the Spanish Greyhound, to how they behave at home, those boney thieves of hearts <3 This piece is a reply to an illustration made by Alberto Pitalua. More info:

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Girls Like That, Tickets

During the whole month of May you can come and see our show!

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On the Radio!

Dear Christian M. Alonso, the curator of "Imaginaris multiespècies" is making sure expo gets the attention it needs. Sit down and listen to this interview, you will learn lots of new things!

Grap a cuppa and click:

To learn more about Christians work, you can visit:

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Girls Like That

Girls Like That premieres the 5th of May and tickets are already available!

Tickets are available on the link I share with you underneath. The music is awesome, the actresses are stunning, all thanks to a wonderful creative team. The scenography, clothing, props and graffic design is made by me (with a little help of Tom Kemper, Tamara, Manuel Espinosa and CMM Herreros)

Reserve your self a seat to this treat!

And follow us on insta:

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Punt Avui

The exhibition "Imaginaris multiespècies" is still going, and we had this wonderful article in the paper today:


"Imaginaris multiespècies"

I am thrilled to share that after finishing La Escola Massana in 2014, I am back in the building. This time participating in the exhibition: "Imaginaris multiespècies" Expo is curated by Christian M. Alonso and has the participants of many talented arists that work on sustainability. As you might have noticed, I am better with image then with word, so I encourage you to download the Full de la Sala:

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L’art d’ampliar imaginaris

“Imaginaris multiespècies” és la nova exposició comissariada per Christian Alonso que podrà visitar-se fins al 30 d’abril a La Capella.

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