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''The work of artist and educator Nien Boots, who hybridises the visual arts and community art methodologies with social justice, explores how the
archetypes of folk tales and fables constitute human retro-projections that can shape repressive or emancipatory ways of life. Convinced that every being possesses a creativity that is gangrened by social norms, Boots defends a naive plastic art that frees art from academic norms and deploys an imaginary that analyses, questions and subverts gender, race and class roles.''

Dr. Christian M. Alonso


Art is a great communication tool, so I like to use it as a motor to spread messages from all different communities. In my work human rights and mental health are central, both in the community art projects as in my personal work. I am always searching for ways to engage people in a dialogue while playing and exploring with different materials.

Currently I am working as a freelance for several organizations and institutions, as the Council of Sant Boi de Llobregat and for the network Generation Europe the Academy through the Association Càlam.


Girls Like That, Teatre Versus, Barcelona, 2022

Animals Autòctons, CCCA, Sant Boi 2022

Multi Especies, La Capella, Barcelona, 2022

Dia Escolar de la No-Violència i la Pau  Biblioteca Sant Boi, 2022

Ponts Per l’Acollida, Sant Boi 2021

Dia Mundial Personas Immigrantes, Begues 2021

Welcome! LAC, Sant Boi, 2021

Mar de Poesia, BAUU, Sant Boi,2020

Patio San Carles, Mural, Sant Boi 2020

Zoetrope, LAC, Sant Boi, 2020

Dia Mundial Personas Refugiadas, Sant Boi, 2020

Sota La Lupa, Espai Jove Palau Alos, Barcelona 201

Mi Cosmos Mi Casa, LAC, Sant Boi, 2019

ARTaboo, Sant Boi, 2019,

ARTaboo, Sant Boi, 2018

TakePart, Barcelona, 2018

Be Your Own Super Hero, Barcelona, 2017

Tree, Xenia Leiden, Holanda, 2017

Color a la Calle, Barcelona, 2016



Que Me Cuent@, (solo) exhibition:

Ateneu, Sant Boi 2021

CCCA, Sant Boi 2019

CC Sarria, Barcelona 2019

CC Trini, Barcelona 2018

Espai Garcilaso, Barcelona, 2016

Oficina Jove, Esplugues, 2015


2015 - 2017

ISEP Barcelona

Master Creative Therapies
2010 a 2013 Escola Massana de Arte Barcelona, Spain

2010 - 2014

Escola Massana

Visual Art
2002 a 2007 HVA, Amsterdam, Holland

2002 - 2007

Hoge School van Amsterdam

Bachelor in Social and Cultural Studies
Cultural and Social Education, Orientation and Communication, Programming and Organizing, Management, Supervising and Tutoring. Specialization in social inclusion and non-formal education.



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