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Have a look in my bubble of tales


Hi there! Welcome to my little fairy bubble, this studio is my hiding place! Accompanied by my doggies Candela and Cleo, here is where most of my projects are born.

In my personal work I use fairytales. Fairytales are an ancient way for sharing values and educating children. They help you recognize danger, they empower you, teach you the importance of empathy and most of all they stimulate fantasy and creativity. Tales fascinate me, how they talk about entering puberty or becoming an adult, how it deals with love and disappointment, life and death… In some cultures according to Bruno Bettelheim tales are even used as a medicine.

But, even though I love to disappear in my bubble, I enjoy organizing projects that have a direct impact on a community just as much, such as creating a space where artists can work together with their neighbors. For more info about the projects, do not hesitate to contact me!



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